Leah Mansfield

From the moment pint-sized comedian, Leah Mansfield takes the stage, audiences are as interested as they are impressed. Being the 2nd of 7 siblings provided Leah with an endless well of anecdotal family stories, as well as need to get away from those people as soon as possible. Eager to serve her country and see the world, Leah joined the Air Force after graduating from the University of Washington. The Air Force promptly locked her in a box underneath Cheyenne, Wyoming for the duration of her military career, where her job was to not press the red button and destroy the world. After years of diligently not doing much of anything, Leah came out of the closet, and began her adventure into stand up comedy. Now she travels across the country in a perfect imitation of a Romulan Paperboy that never went to space. Her unique ability to couple of a whirlwind of comedic energy with her original outlook on life has allowed Leah to travel across the country featuring for national headliners such as Tom Green, Jimmy Dore, and Eddie Ifft.  Leah has been to over a 15 comedy festivals, including Big Sky Comedy Competition and Bridgetown Comedy festival. Check out Leah’s Facebook page.